Br. Martin Buganski


Coming in from New Jersey he is loud and proud of his home state. He is the fifth of seven in his family, and the proud uncle of 12 nieces and nephews (there always seems to be another one on the way). After college he served with Saint Paul’s Outreach as a Missionary for two years at Benedictine College and one year as a Chapter Leader at his Alma Mater, Seton Hall University. 

Right about that time Saint Paul’s Outreach began partnering with this group of men wearing funny gray shirts - The Brotherhood of Hope. It was during his time with SPO that Br. Martin was first inspired by the way the Brothers lived all-out for the Lord and slowly he came to realize that God was inviting him to live all-out in the same way. Br. Martin made his first temporary vows in the Brotherhood in July 2019 and the University of Central Florida is his first campus assignment. 

Br. Martin studied Nursing in college and still holds his nursing license (in NJ), so he is usually the first one called when someone gets sick or injured at CCM. He loves playing frisbee, running, lifting weights - frankly, there are few sports he doesn’t like. But he also loves to make and write music on the guitar and is passionate about leading people to encounter Jesus through worship. He’d love to talk to you sometime (he also loves to talk) about your life, what you are passionate about, and what you hope your life can be.