Event RSVP

As we continue to grow in faith and community we must be prudent and safe in these chaotic times. To ensure safety at all of our events we are now needing an RSVP for the event to ensure social distance and to meet the capacity for the various locations an event may be held. Please RSVP at least an hour and a half before the event starts.

How RSVP works:

To ensure we meet the necessary social distancing we are implementing RSVPing for our events. What this means is that you need to reserve a spot to be able to attend in person our events. Each Event below in the Upcoming Events Section has the maximum number of people in parethensis ie Event Name (25 persons) this is the maximum number of people that can attend the event, once the event hits the number of avaiable person the form will close. For Knightfire if the Multipurpose Room Form is closed please RSVP for the upstairs location if you are still wanting to attend and if you would rather attend virtually we will be sure to share the link with you at some time.

Upcoming Events:

Wednesday 9/16/2020 KnightFire: Suffering Well

KnightFire Q&A Submission Form

The Multipurpose room has been filled for tonight, thank you for your patience. Please RSVP for upstairs or join us virtually at 8:00 PM by visiting us through Zoom.

Upstairs in Student Lounge (50 Persons)


Men's Knight 9/17/2020 (50 men)

Women's Knight 9/17/2020 (45 Women)


Mini-golf at Congo River Rapids