Br. John McCabe



Email: [email protected]

Brother John McCabe is a New Jersey native whose family and state is always home. He loves the outdoors- especially hiking, and likes to tear up the road with 50 mile bike rides on the weekend. Youngest of five, he grew up in Jersey and finishing technical school become an auto mechanic for a few years during which time he started hanging around with the Brotherhood of Hope. Witnessing them as a type of spiritual Marine Corps he saw their all-in commitment, and started looking to make a response to the Lord. But what kind of response? He wanted to make an offering of his life, and found the call to live for the Lord alone, alongside a band of brothers.


Not knowing to cherish the Jersey bagels and pizza until it was too late, he joined the Brotherhood and went off on the adventure that living for Christ entails. Now, he shares his awesome life in Christ with students by making available his experience and wisdom from over 30 years of Brotherhood mission living.  It’s an awesome life and he would love to share it with you.