Br. Adam Neri

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Brother Adam Neri is a salty dog from the great state of New Jersey. Just like every good Jersey boy he loves hockey, eating, and family. Being one of eleven children he never had a dull moment when living in the Garden state all through college and to the start of his professional career.


While traveling the world doing mission work he encountered a group of radical and fun-loving religious brothers from the Brotherhood of Hope, and the desire was placed in his heart to do something great for God. July of 2005 he formally accepted that desire when he professed first vows with the Brotherhood of Hope. Brother Adam’s thirst for the Lord has carved a path for an adventurous life, taking him across the country and throughout the world seeking to serve and do great things for God. What a great life it is! Living in great love.


Brother Adam looks forward to encountering you by offering a listening ear, a challenging voice, and his very self, as a well-lived guide to help you find the Lords own thirst for you.