Theology 101

Join our Associate Campus Minister, Tony Marco, in a brief survey of Catholic Theology.  You can find on this page recordings from the Theology 101 course that Tony shared with us during the Summer of 2014 (click the links for the mp3 files).

Class 1: Who can do Theology?
Class 2: What is Theology?
Class 3: Historical Theology: The Canonicity and Inspiration of Scripture.
Class 4: Systematic Theology: How Jesus Saves Us (part 1)
Class 5: Systematic Theology: How Jesus Saves Us (part 2)
Class 6: Moral Theology: Freedom of Indifference
Class 7: Moral Theology: Freedom for Excellence

Want to delve deeper?  Here are the books the class was based on (links go to Amazon):

The Shape of Catholic Theology
By Aidan Nichols

Jesus Christ Fundamentals of Christology
By Roch A Kereszty

The Sources of Christian Ethics
By Servais Pinckaers